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Headshot of ChandraI am the Executive Director of Research and Development at ReThink Learning Labs. We are dedicated to transforming education through research. I am proud to be one of the company’s founders.

Before joining ReThink Learning Labs, I was a a mathematics education professor (2010-2023) and Director of the Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education at UMass Dartmouth (2017-2020, 2021-2023). From 2013-2017, I served as the chairperson for the Department of STEM Education & Teacher Development.

My research is grounded in a desire to affect change in the ways students experience school – particularly in STEM subjects. To this end, much of my research has focused on teachers’ mathematical knowledge. In am interested in what teachers know, how they use that knowledge in their teaching, how to support them in developing their understanding of mathematics, and how to measure their knowledge. My current research in this area is looking at how to support teachers’ development of proportional reasoning using dynamic representations.

I am also interested more broadly in bringing problem-solving pedagogies into classrooms, particularly in mathematics and science. One conduit for that work is by incorporating emerging technologies, such as AI, cybersecurity, VR, and robotics, into the mathematics and science classroom.

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