Chandra Orrill’s Vita: Orrill_vita

Here are some of my recent publications:

  • Orrill, C. H., & Brown, R. E. (2023). Using design-based research to develop a professional development model. In J. M. Spector, B. B. Lockee, & M. D. Childress (Eds.), Learning, design, and technology: An international compendium of theory, research, practice, and policy. Springer. 
  • Orrill, C. H., Gearty, Z., & Wang, K. (in press). Continuing evolution of research on teaching & learning: Exploring emerging methods for unpacking research on teachers, teaching, and learning. In A. Manizade, N. Buchholtz, & K. Beswick (Eds.), The evolution of research on teaching mathematics: International perspectives in the digital era. Springer. 
  • Weiland, T., Orrill, C. H., Nagar, G. G., Brown, R. E., & Burke, J. (2020). Framing a robust understanding of proportional reasoning for teachers.  Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.
  • Orrill, C. H., Copur-Gencturk, Y., Cohen, A., & Templin, J. (2020). Revisiting purpose and conceptualization in the design of assessments for teachers of mathematics. Research in Mathematics Education, 22(2), 209-224.

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